Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centers

 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centers, with the aim of supporting talented and creative people, with the vision of developing technology through the creation of appropriate supportive platforms, provide a ground for development of new and practical ideas as the first step of the cycle. These centers are under the supervision of incubation centers affiliated with science and technology parks and only innovative teams are accepted in them.
Accordingly, 5 innovation centers are currently operating under the supervision and management of the East Azerbaijan Science and Technology Park. In addition to the city of Tabriz, these centers have been set up in the cities of the province and currently a large number of innovative teams in the fields of electricity, electronics, mechanics, software, medicine, biotechnology and nanotechnology are supported by these centers.

 Objectives of Innovation Centers: 
•    Creating a fertile ground for creativity and a platform for the growth and development of new ideas based on knowledge supporting the projects of researchers, scholars, students and students 
•    Contribute to the formation and life of knowledge-based companies
•    Creating a suitable platform for entrepreneurship, employment and commercialization of products 
•    Developing of technology and transferring of the industry 
•    Establishing a bridge between academia, industry and government 
•    Creating enthusiasm and motivation for innovation in various sciences
•    Development of technology and creation of a commercialization platform in various fields